Leadership Programs

Our leadership programs are evidence-based but they are not ‘navel gazing ‘ or highly theoretical. We have found over the years that whilst leaders of all levels enjoy time to think they value learning how to do things more. The c-suite enjoy learning how to do things at the enterprise level as much as the team leader does at the team level. Our programs therefore show leaders how to do things. We can tailor the following programs to your organisation and participant levels.

  • How to create and sustain a shared purpose
  • How to create and sustain organisational employee engagement
  • How to manage internal/external stakeholders
  • HR masterclass for HR professionals
  • Team leader program
  • Top talent program (2017 AHRI program of the year winner)
  • Leadership effectiveness research
  • Presentation skills training


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Modern neuroscience shows that Social Intelligence can be harnessed and improved.