B2B Sales Training Programs

Our B2B sales training programs are based on first-hand experience selling in the B2B environment, observing some of the most talented sales people, sitting through countless sales training courses ourselves and the latest research in sales and social psychology. Therefore, our programs are extremely pragmatic and actionable. Participants leave with defined skills that can use in their next sales calls/meetings. Our participants consistently rate our sales training as they best they have been through in their long sales careers.

The key difference is our focus on the buyer and emphasis on high integrity selling. We don’t do ‘cookie cutter’ sales training, our approach is always to tailor the program to your customers, markets, products and services. The programs are not full of high energy gimmicks – they have real techniques that can be observed and coached. The core programs we can adapt for you are below:

  • Adaptive Selling
  • Adaptive Selling for Key Accounts
  • Coaching Adaptive Selling
  • Sales Messaging (Pitch/Tender/Presentation Training)


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Modern neuroscience shows that Social Intelligence can be harnessed and improved.