What is Social Intelligence?

Social Intelligence refers to the ability to understand and manage our Behavioral Style, Mindset and Emotional Intelligence to optimize interpersonal relationships. Modern neuroscience shows that Social Intelligence can be harnessed and improved.

Social Intelligence & Workplace Performance

There are strong links between the elements of Social Intelligence and workplace performance. Individuals who complete the programs report the following improvements:

88% are better at working with others
More effective at creating inclusiveness and diversity
75% are better at improving relationships
71% are better at improving workplace performance

Who Created It?

The Social Intelligence tool set and programs were develped by TRACOM who are the original creators of the SOCIAL STYLE Model. The programs are globally normed and grounded in evidence based psychology. The assesssments have exceptionally strong Psychometirc properties and meet the Americian Psychological Association’s standards for Psychological Assessments

The Social Intelligence Group is the Australian based international distributor for TRACOM, responsible for providing materials and trainer certification.

How does it work?

Social intelligence is not a stable trait, it is something that is learned and developed across a career. However, this learning curve can be accelerated.

To accelerate learning participants complete a one day training program and an online 360 assessment on their current levels of Social Intelligence.

The program is different to many other similar sounding models because 75% of the program is devoted to ‘what to do’ as opposed to ‘who one is’. The assessment is just the starting point.

Luke Ross

Luke is an accomplished facilitator, trainer MC and host. He has delivered multiple keynote presentations in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Dubai, Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver.

He is the master trainer for Tracom in Asia Pacific and has a wide variety of trainer certifications:

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The Social Intelligence Group is the authorised master trainer and distributor for Tracom in Australia and New Zealand. We are the only public organisation that can accredit trainers to use the Tracom assessments in programs in Australia and New Zealand. Tracom is the original creator of the Social Style & Versatility model and have also recently created the Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency and Behavioural EQ programs and assessments.

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Modern neuroscience shows that Social Intelligence can be harnessed and improved.