The Social Intelligence Group is managed by a team of Registered Psychologists who have spent the last 21 years working for a variety of Australia's most high profile organisations. Through their own experience delivering a wide range of interpersonal effectiveness programs over the last decade and a half they know what works and what does not. Therefore, their decision to settle on Tracom's Social Intelligence products, as the products of choice, is based on a substantial body of knowledge and corporate experience.
This  team having delivered the Tracom suite of programs across the globe, have observed that they are the most pragmatic, immediately actionable and results focused programs currently available. We say this from a position of knowledge as we are also Certified to deliver many of the other interpersonal effectiveness programs also but now chose not to.
The aim of Social Intelligence Group is to bring the Tracom Social Intelligence programs to Australia and New Zealand and help individuals and businesses achieve higher levels of performance.
The Social Intelligence Group has partnered with Tracom (The Original Creators of The Social Style Model) and is the Australian-based Master Distributor and Master Trainer in the region.

The services we provide are:

  • Materials for all Tracom products and programs direct to corporations and individuals
  • Trainer certification for all Tracom products and programs
  • Support to locally based Australian and New Zealand based authorised Tracom resellers
  • Facilitation of Tracom programs for direct clients


Adaptive Mindset for Agility

Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency

Behavioural Emotional Intelligence

Social Style & Versatility


Modern neuroscience shows that Social Intelligence can be harnessed and improved.